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Velvet Swivel Office Chair

Our velvet swivel chair is perfect for those who love to work in their home. It is adjustable to fit any room and has a stylish velvet look that will make you look modern and stylish. Whether you’re in the office all day or just coming home from work, this chair is a great option.

Velvet Tufted Office Chair

If you're looking for an amazing piece of furniture to live your best life on, look no further than the velvet tufted office chair. this chair is made with a luxurious feel to it and the tuft of hair on the back of the chair will make you feel like a celebrities a-lister. so place your order now and get your velvet tufted office chair today!

High Back Velvet Office Chair

This modern velvet home office chair has a 360 swivel computer chair back and is made with soft, luxurious fabric. It has a comfortable, high back velvet fabric seat and a simple design, with a single back piece and two arms. The chair is has a hand-sewn seams and an adjustable lumbar support. this upholstered adjustable home office chair with wheels is a perfect addition to your home office. With its stylish prepare by deference chair design, you'll be able to focus on your work without having to worry about your desk literature the future, this chair has been specially designed to make working in your home office easier and faster. The arms can be removed for moves to be made with less force, making it a perfect addition to your home office for work or play. this modern velvet office chair is a great choice for a desk in your office. It is heightable adjustable to fit anyone with a swivel height of 18 inches. It is also a great choice for using as a task seat for a computer desk. this velvet office chair is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an ergonomic chair that will make their work experience more comfortable. The chair has an adjustable height and can be rotated to a height of aboutpro for a snug fit. Additionally, the velvet will protect the floor space byownd and make it easy to move around.